Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some southern observations...looking at you, Subway.

So, in Ohio, Subway has these reward cards.  Every time you buy something, points accumulate.  I've had my subway card for years.  YEARS.  I had racked up, and used, a ton of points over those years.  There have been quite a few free subs in my past!  Last time I checked, I had lot of points sitting there waiting for redemption. Look at this beauty:

My actual subway card, in all its glory!

So, imagine my surprise when I stopped into Subway for lunch a  few weeks ago, handed over my subway card, and heard "there's no money on this".  It went like this:

Subway girl (SG): There's no money on here, ma'am.
Me: Oh, I know.  I wanted to use it for points?
SG: *blank stare*
Me: umm, y'all do points down here, right?
SG: (hollering to another employee) hey, do we do "points" here?
Me: *hopeful gaze*
Other SG: points? no?
SG: (back to me) no.
Me: Is it because my card has the Ohio State logo on it?
SG: *blank stare*
Me: Ok, nevermind then...

Is this real?  Am I destined to pay for all of my subs from here on out?  I did not sign up for that. I'll get over it...eventually.  There are plenty of other sandwich shops down here.   I'll find a new love.

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  1. LAME! The South will never rise again with that attitude!