Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'm finnin to learn something new...

 I started a series on Facebook - the Southern Phrase of the Day, where I shared new phrases that I've come into contact with while living down here in Alabama.  I realize that the phrases I share are not phrases used by every southerner, but they are phrases that I never heard while living in the Midwest.

Here are the first few:

Now, to continue the series, I present to you the following!

(v) Ear Hustlin'.  Another way of saying "eavesdrop".  
Example:  they were whispering in the kitchen, so I hid around the corner ear hustlin'. 

(n) Skunk Eye. Same as "stink eye". Giving someone a squinted up eye to show displeasure.
example: Jerry said something weird, so now Kate is giving him the skunk eye. 

So other than the ones that northerners usually bring up when this topic is rasied (buggy = shopping cart, boot = trunk, etc.)  what words or phrases do you associate with the south?

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